Quit Hiding From The Pressure

January 24, 2020 1 min read


Society conditions us to do what's comfortable.





Low stress.




Everything you hear is about instant gratification.


You know why? Because it’s an easy sell to the sheep.

How could you sell: "This is going to be hard as fuck...and take long as fuck"?

Nothing about ANYTHING we hear tells you to go do the hard ass shit and make your life purposely harder...but I am.

Because THAT is precisely what creates greatness.

Name me one single thing in this life that is fucking amazing that can be had immediately or with zero effort?

You need to realize that when everybody is running one direction...that’s your signal to run the other.

The fact is: you will NEVER do your absolute best work in this life unless you have NO OTHER OPTION but to do your best work.

So quit being a fucking sheep.

Quit hiding from the pressure.

Embrace it.

Love it.

Bask in it.

And build a championship life!

Learn how to put yourself in the pressure even when there isn’t any.

Success is a product of necessity...not luxury.

If you want to produce your very best...make it your only option.

Learn how to deal with discomfort and you open the door to everything.


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