Put Yourself Under Pressure

December 02, 2022 1 min read

Andy getting out of a car

When you first get started in business…

It's easy to stay disciplined, because you have no other choice…

Your back is against the wall.

It's do or die.

But what happens when shit starts getting better?

What happens when you start earning a little money?

What happens when you gain a little momentum?

What happens when you start to get comfortable?

Most people will see these things as a sign to slow down, relax, and cut themselves some slack.

They begin to make bullshit justifications why they no longer have to work as hard or show up everyday.

That’s the beginning of the end.

That's when these people lose.

If you truly want to build your dreams into a reality … you have to execute everyday as if you have no other fucking choice...

Quit letting your foot off the gas when things are going "good.”

Stay intense...

Stay aggressive...

Stay focussed…

...and put yourself under as much pressure as possible.

Winners give themselves no other choice but to win.

Because that's what it takes.

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