Put Yourself in the Game

November 11, 2022 1 min read

Andy doing bicep curls in the gym

How many people do you know who watch professional sports on TV...

Criticize the athletes' skills and abilities...

...and say shit like, "I could have done better”?

Yet, when you take a look at their life...

You see they apply no effort...

They never get uncomfortable...

They give up when shit gets hard...

...and they've never achieved anything significant in life.

But they still sit there to judge and criticize people who are actually winning big.

The reality is … these people are far too lazy to put that amount of dedicated effort into anything…

Which is why they will never win.

Real winners don't waste their time judging other people from the sidelines...

They're much more concerned with getting in the game and putting in the work to perfect their craft.

If you want to win big in your life...

Put yourself in the game.

Only losers sit and talk shit from the sidelines.

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