Passion Is Practical

February 17, 2020 2 min read

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Do you ever look at anyone who is absolutely relentless in their pursuit of a goal and think “I wish I had the ability to be relentless like that”.

“I wish I could endure like that”

“I wish I had that person’s drive”

Look at anyone who has put themselves through the hardest of circumstances:

Running a marathon.

Doing an Ironman.

Running a 4 minute mile.

Climbing Mt Everest.

Starting a business from nothing and staying with it for 10 years without a paycheck.

Going through Navy Seal BUD/S School.

There are literally 1000 things I could list that sound and ARE extremely difficult...and make people wonder “How did they do that?”.

You know how they did that?


That’s what THEY have that you don’t.

They understand the reasoning behind their actions.

...but you CAN learn it.

This is why in business we talk about “Passion” being so important because:

1. When money isn’t flowing in (and that is going to happen) you’re going to need something to pull you through.

2. If you’re not passionate about what you do you will eventually come up against someone who is and YOU WILL LOSE TO THAT PERSON.

3. Passion begets innovation & creativity. It creates new thoughts, ideas & competitive advantages that didn’t exist before.

Passion is not some fluffy abstract concept.

It’s very practical.

I suggest you manufacture some.


P.S. If you've never listened to The MFCEO Project episode "Impact Over Income" with my good friend JP Dinnell, do yourself a favor and listen to it here. JP is a former Navy SEAL who has transitioned into the business world and has a lot of great insight into success principles he learned in being a SEAL that have transitioned into his entrepreneurial journey.

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