Money Is A Megaphone

January 02, 2020 2 min read


Money doesn’t change you.  It just amplifies what's already there ... who you already are.

I’ve never seen money change anybody.  

It's just another myth and justification by those who don’t have any money and aren’t going to do what it takes to earn a lot of it.

Its people justifying their life as somehow more morally noble than the high achiever because thats all they can do.

What the fuck else do you expect?

Thats all they got. Their words.

News flash: Not being wealthy doesn’t make you magically morally superior to people who are.

Thats the undertone on wealth in America currently.

If you have must be a piece of shit...and its simply untrue.

Its this attitude in society that literally makes people feel bad for wanting more...and ultimately causes them to give up or not even try.

It's crabs in a bucket. Google it.

The fact is.

Money is not good or bad. Its inanimate.

It's a tool.

It amplifies who you are.

People who are generous when they have barely a hundred dollars in the bank are even more generous when they have 100 million in the bank.

But if you make minimum wage and are a Scrooge at Christmas time…you could someday become part of “the 1% and I guarantee you’re not going to suddenly become Mother Theresa.

People who make $40,000 a year and have money problems because they mismanage their money will STILL have money problems even if they win $40 Million in the lottery.  The amount of mismanagement and stupidity and overspending will scale with their income.  That’s how you can have a professional athlete making hundreds of millions of dollars a year and STILL go broke because his budgeting and spending habits are terrible.

What you are on a small stage you will be on The Big Stage.  

That’s a fact.

“But Andy,” people say.  “I knew this guy and he seemed like a decent guy, but he got money and he went crazy.”

Listen...did Hitler suddenly become evil in 1933 after he became the head of Germany?  No.  

He was always evil.  

But until he had all the money and power of a nation behind him, he couldn’t hurt anybody.

That guy who seemed like a “decent guy”?  He was always crazy.  

He just didn’t have the money or resources to help him fully express his craziness.

Money’s not a magic potion.  

It doesn’t transform you into something completely new.

It amplifies you.

So this year when your friends tell you how materialistic, greedy and money driven you are...

...donate a few bucks to their favorite charity in their name and see what they have to say about that.

You’ll be surprised how the narrative changes. #100to0


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