Live Every Day Like It's January 1st

January 01, 2023 1 min read

Andy standing on a stage

I started AndyGram 3 years ago today … and made a promise to share my best lessons and advice directly with you every single day.

...and I've kept that promise.

Ever since the day I made that promise … I've seen more and more of you receive my messages...

Implement them in your life...


I hope you know that nothing gets me more excited than that.

That’s the entire reason I do any of this shit.

So today, I want to thank all of you for giving a fuck.

You're here because you want to change...

You're here because you want to get better...

You're here because you want to win...

...and it gives me a massive amount of hope for the future of our society.

WE are responsible for creating the change we want to see in the world.

Let's make damn sure we see those changes through to the end.

So live every day like it’s January 1st…

…and carry that excitement, intensity and level of execution you have right now through the whole year.

Let’s fucking go.

Day 1.

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