Enjoy the Process of Winning

October 29, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella with Tim Grover

Winning is fun.

The process of winning can only become fun once you fully understand what it takes to win.

Which means the process will be very unpleasant until you actually win.

Once you win...

...and you fully understand what it takes to win...

The process becomes enjoyable because you understand what that process produces.

The point is simple:

Keep fucking going.

It doesn't make sense now because you haven't won big enough yet to understand it.

Yeah it's hard...

But if you stick it out...

It will eventually click and your entire life will change.

All the things that you struggle with now that you think are hard...

...will become what you chase because you understand the return on investment.

That's when absolutely everything changes.

Keep going.

It will all make sense.

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