Learn to Conquer the Hard Days

April 17, 2023 1 min read

Andy standing in the gym

You have to learn that some days are literally just going to be harder than others.

No matter how badass you are...

No matter how tough you are...

No matter how hard you are...

No matter how trained you are...

You are going to get your ass kicked by these days.

Some of them will even be 100 times fucking harder than a normal day for you.

Sometimes this lasts for weeks, months, or even years if you let it.

Guess what…

That’s life in the big city…

...and all the people you see and think that it's effortless for...

It's never effortless for them either.

There's a whole mental battle and dialogue going on that you never get to see that most people will never tell you about … because they want to portray themselves as if they're superhuman.

But that's not the case.

We all have these days.


...and the only difference between the people who win consistently and the people who don't all comes down to their execution on these days.

If you can train yourself to not only execute on these days...

But to also do a little extra on top of that...

Who the fuck can beat you?

Who can beat the person who can not only get it done when they feel like shit...

But actually do more on those days than they normally would have?

The answer is nobody.

If you can learn to operate like that...

Nothing can stop you.

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