It's Grit … Not Talent

May 26, 2020 2 min read


Most people get all motivated, excited, and revved up to go out and crush it...

and what happens the first time they get punched in the fucking mouth...

Either by:

Making a call where they get hung up on...


Sending an email that gets no reply...


Getting shut down and getting their feelings hurt in some other way?

They say “This wasn’t meant for me”.

And that’s usually all it takes.

One small setback...and most people are rolling over & giving up.

Coincidentally, these are the same people who are always complaining that nobody recognizes “their worth”.

99% of people just don't have the heart to endure the repetitive, never-ending punches to the mouth that becoming great at what you do requires.

That's why they are the 99%...aka ”most people”.

Being able to look yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself in situations where something “isn't for you” about exactly “why” it isn't for you is a necessary tool to cultivate.

Because here is the truth:

When people say “this isn't for me” what they are really saying is "I'm not willing to do the work required or endure the pain required and I want something easier."

And if that's the case...success in ANYTHING sure as fuck “isn't for you” either.

More often than not...the separation between the top-level performers, and the bottom of the barrel performers has nothing to do with talent, and EVERYTHING to do with someone's willingness to get punched in the fucking mouth more than anyone else.

It's grit. Not talent.

You either get it...or you don’t.

And hey...don’t sweat it...if you don’t like getting your face pounded in and getting better from it....there will still be a place for you...

The world needs fry cooks too...I like mine extra crispy ;)


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