You Can't Pour Anything Out Of An Empty Cup

February 13, 2020 2 min read






Money hungry.

Morally misaligned.

Just a few of the names certain people use to describe others who have higher ambition than them

These days it's popular for people to be "Mr. I'm Enlightened" and act like they are above "money" and are dedicated to "helping people" instead.

These are the same folks that will try and make you feel bad for having ambitions for financial success.

I call bullshit.

If your goal is to really help people then let me ask you a question

Can you help more people by working a minimum wage job that just pays the bills and you donate your time on evenings & weekends to the local food bank as a volunteer?


Can you help more people by grinding out a successful career that makes you enough money to open 100 food banks?

And can still donate your time as well.

If you're a young man or young woman with ambition to be financially successful and you have the "care bears" trying to make you feel bad for what your goals are... can't pour anything out of an empty cup.

99% of people who try and make you feel guilty for your wants, dreams, goals are people who are incapable of doing it themselves.

It's far easier for them to be "Mr. Nobility" than it is to actually go out and build something!

Pay attention.

50% of the time these people will tell you their life has gone as planned and they are happy living a modest life.

The other 50% of the time these people will bitch about how the world screwed them.

Well, if you're exactly where you want to could the world have screwed you?

Ask these people if they'd like an extra 1000 bucks and see what they say...

There is nothing wrong with matter what ANYONE tells you. The reason most people have an issue making any is that they, for some reason, believe deep down it's a bad thing.

Well, if you really think it's bad, refer to my set of questions above and retrain your money thoughts.

Want to REALLY help people?

Want to really make a difference?

Make success a priority for YOU.


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