These Two Things Dictate The Outcome Of Your Life

August 02, 2020 1 min read

Good habits and choices make for a good life

A good life is the sum of good habits and good choices.

That’s why I always talk about how every single thing you do in life is important.

What you do on a daily basis makes you who you are.

What kind of HABITS do you have?

Do you use your free time to browse online mindlessly?

Or are you learning something new every day?

Do you correct yourself every time you do something half-ass?

Or do you just let it slide because no one’s watching?

What kind of CHOICES do you make everyday?

Do you buy all kinds of junk food from the grocery store?

Or do you buy healthy foods and take your diet seriously?

Do you have a beer at 3pm on a Tuesday with your friends and complain about life?

Or do you choose to invest that time and energy in yourself to improve?

See what I mean?

What you do today, and tomorrow, and the day after that will just accumulate and define your life.

Pay close attention to your habits and choices.

They will dictate the outcome of your life.

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