How To Achieve Real Balance

May 03, 2024 1 min read

Searching for the perfect "work/life balance" is a fool’s game.

When you're in pursuit of massive personal and professional goals...

There is no such thing as "balance.”

You won't see anybody with the life you want tell you any different either.

Winning requires commitment...

...and that commitment comes in the form of all your time, effort, and energy.

I can guarantee you this with 100% certainty...

Every successful person you see who's achieved what you consider to be a balanced life...

Has spent 10-15 years MINIMUM in an imbalanced state to create the freedoms they have today.

Understand this:

If you truly want your biggest goals and dreams in life to come to fruition...

There can be no balance on a daily...



Or even yearly basis.

Especially in the beginning.

Real balance must be measured over the course of your lifetime.

Can you have balance now?

You sure can.

...but don't be upset with me when you end up with a life you hate because you were unwilling to sacrifice instant gratification for the life you ultimately wanted.

Your only real chance of achieving the freedom and balance you want is by committing yourself to the relentless pursuit of your goals today...


...and for as long as it fucking takes to get wherever it is you're trying to go.

Balance in the short-term = zero balance in the long-term.

Remember that.

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