Change The Way You Think About Money

September 22, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking

I see a lot of people talk about making money as if it’s a bad thing...

They say pursuing money is a greedy and selfish thing to do.

I guarantee you these are the same people who don't have any money, and choose to live a "humble" life... if they are morally superior for not wanting any money…

When in reality … they’re just trying to justify their lack of work ethic and drive to do better.

Understand this...

Money itself is not good or bad…

Money only exposes the true morals and intentions of the person who has it.

When good people make more money … they do more good shit with it.

When bad people make more money … they do more bad shit with it.

So let me ask you...

Is it morally superior for you to struggle paying your bills & barely support your family?

Is money really a bad thing if someone uses it to build a shelter for the homeless…

…or 50 of them?

Instead of believing and preaching to the universe how "bad" money is...

Start thinking how you could use money to make the world a better place.


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