Here’s Why You Aren’t Where You Want To Be…

January 08, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting in a car

Even if you consider yourself “successful”…

I'd be willing to bet you're still not where you want to be.

So ask yourself this...

Are you putting in the right amount of effort?

Are you showing up every single day?

Are you keeping the promises you make to yourself?

Are you executing on the tasks in front of you to the best of your ability?

If you can honestly answer yes to these questions, and you're still not where you want to be...

There can only be two reasons why...

Reason 1: You haven't been following the game plan for long enough.

Because building a badass life for yourself takes time...

Be patient.

Reason 2: You're following the wrong game plan.

If the actions you're taking on a daily basis are taking you in the wrong direction...

You need to adjust course...


...and get back to work.

That's it.

Every other justification you can come up with is bullshit.

Eliminate every other possibility from your head.

When you follow the right plan for long enough...

You will get there.

I promise.

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