Here’s How You Find Your Purpose…

March 01, 2022 1 min read

Andy walking toward the camera with a weighted vest on

If you're struggling to find your purpose and you're sitting there thinking...

"What is the point?"

I want you to understand this...

No matter who you are...

No matter what it is you do...

No matter how much money you make...

No matter what your career is...

You fucking matter.

You matter A LOT.

...and there is a tremendous amount of purpose in your life.

You'll find that purpose when you start to serve other people.

One of the best ways you can serve other people that nobody really talks about is by taking care of yourself.

It's by showing people what it means to live a disciplined life.

To make yourself into the person you were born to be by executing on the available potential you have.

Which by the way...

For all of you is tremendous.

So realize that you do matter.

If you start with what you can control...

...and set an example for others…

You will see the purpose of your life start to unfold.

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