Have You Kept Your Promises?

February 12, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking 

It's Monday.

The Super Bowl is over...

January is over...

The excitement of the new year has died down...

...and several Mondays have already passed us by.

So let me ask you...

Have you kept the promises you made to yourself on January 1st?

Because by now...

Most people have compromised on those promises.

Most people have already reverted back to the habits...



...and mindset that has kept them stuck in life up to this point.

How about you?

Have you kept your promises?

If you have...

That's great.

Make sure you keep it that way.

If you fell off...

Ask yourself this:

Are you prepared to live the rest of your life the way you are now?

Are you prepared to live the rest of your life how you are physically?




Then it’s time to refocus and execute.


If you are actually serious about reaching your goals this year and finally making the changes you've always said you would...

Executing on your game plan every single day whether you "feel" like it or not is exactly what's required.

Remember why you set out to make these changes in the first place.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

But I guarantee you...

If you make the commitment today...

...and stop at nothing to adopt the habits and lifestyle you said you would...

It will all be worth it.


Keep moving.

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