Go All In on Yourself

August 16, 2023 2 min read

Andy Frisella sitting in a meeting

Pursue and achieve your biggest goals and dreams...

Or structure your life around having the ideal "work/life balance."

It's one or the other.

Never both.

Most people today are obsessed with the idea of balance.

They assume that they can spend half of their time doing the shit that's gratifying and entertaining to them...

While still being able to fulfill their biggest goals in life.

But the truth is much different.

There is no such thing as "balance" on the path to becoming truly great.

The expectation most people have about the amount of work it takes to hit huge goals in life is drastically out of line with reality.

It just takes way more than you think.

I didn’t make the rules.

Since I’m talking to people that generally want to achieve more in life I say to you … you need to start thinking about balance differently.

Balance is not something that can be measured on a daily, weekly, monthly ... or even yearly basis.

True balance can only be achieved over the course of your lifetime.

This is how all highly successful people think.

They know if they can buckle down for the next 10-15 years to invest in themselves and their goals...

They'll have the freedom to do whatever the fuck they want for the rest of their life.

That's how it works.

Success is not supposed to be easy or "balanced."

It requires all of your time...

Your effort...

Your energy...

Your commitment...

...and discipline.

If you have big dreams you gotta put in big work. That’s reality. So quit searching for balance in the short term.

Start creating balance in the long term by going all in on yourself and your goals right now.

It's your only chance of ever achieving it.

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