Expect Your Wins

July 11, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking

Real winners don't hope they win...

They don't wish for wins...

They don't dream about winning...

They don't wonder if they'll win...

They EXPECT to win...

...and this expectation comes from the deepest core of their soul.

I expect to win too.

...and while most people who hear me say this immediately assume I'm being rude or egotistical...

It's the truth.

I am not surprised by any of my wins...

If anything, I'm surprised by how far behind I am from where I thought I'd be at this point in my life.

I know this may not make sense to you right now...

Because it took me a long time to understand it.

But if you truly want to change your life and start manifesting your future wins...

You need to shift your mindset from "hoping" … to “expecting.”

Losers hope they'll win.

Champions expect they'll win.

That's the difference.

Put your head down.

Put in the fucking work.

Expect your wins.

If you just do that...

Everything will change for you.

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