Every Interaction Matters

March 25, 2023 1 min read

Andy giving someone a hug

Whether you believe it or not...

Every interaction you have with other people matters.

That's a truth you need to embrace and accept if you want to build a great life for yourself.


Because there is a story attached to your name after every single interaction you have.

This story, whether it's good or bad, will be reflected in almost every area of your life.

It affects the money you make...

It affects the opportunities you have...

It affects the connections you make...

It affects the relationships you have...

All of which can have a massive impact on the outcome and direction of your life.

The only way you can control this is by living as the example of the story you'd like to be told about you...

Nothing else.

So ... what's the story being told about you?

Is it a story of how great you are?

Is it a story of indifference?


Is it a story of how big of a piece of shit you are?

The person you show up as every day is what shapes that story.

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