Don’t Let This Ruin Your Life…

July 17, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella with Ed Mylett

Stop letting people take your power.

Stop letting instances or phases of your life where you were disrespected...

Looked down on...


Or hurt...

…permanently infest themselves in you and change your perspective of the world.

I did this for a large portion of my life.

I thought everyone hated me.

I thought nobody wanted to see me win.

I wasted a lot of time despising people because of ways I had been treated at other times in my life.

I wish I had that time back because I spent a lot of it suffering for no reason...

...and I was hard on people I shouldn't have been because of the story I was telling myself...

Which wasn't true.

Are there some bad people out there?


But most people are good.

Don't let a few assholes ruin your life.

Don't give them the power.

Take those hurtful feelings and pour them into productive actions.

But more importantly...

Remember this:

The world is filled with amazing people and unlimited opportunity that we can miss out on by making assumptions about how the world sees us.

So don't.

Do your best and let it be.

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