Don’t Just Talk…Act

July 20, 2022 1 min read

Andy doing a bicep curl

The world is full of people who talk big … but won't take action.

Understand this...

Regardless of what you say you're going to do...

Regardless of the motivational shit you post on social media…

Regardless of how many seminars and events you attend…

If you are not backing your words with action...

You are full of shit.

Big talk and no action: that’s the real epidemic.

You either are or you aren’t.

You either do or you don’t.

There is no in between.

If you really want it…

You'd align your actions with the shit that comes out of your mouth.

If you “kinda” want it…

Like every other average motherfucker…

You’ll keep liking and sharing success memes until you're 80 years old with absolutely nothing to show for your life.

You still get to choose.

Make sure you choose correctly.

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