Don’t Be an Escapist

October 16, 2020 1 min read

Andy walking on stage 

“If I just pass this exam, I will be so relieved!”

“If I just get this project done, I can rest!”

“If I just had an extra $2000, all my stress would go away!”

“If I just had a car like that … a house like that … a job like that … a partner like that…”

The list goes on and on and on.

I bet you have heard people saying any one of the above sentences.

You might even catch yourself saying these things...

It happens...

It’s normal...

And that is what KEEPS YOU NORMAL.

So many people think if they just get through that one task ... or if they just make that one change ... all of their problems will magically disappear forever.

Moving to a new city won't solve all of your problems...

Getting into a new relationship won't solve all of your problems...

Getting a new job won't solve all of your problems...

FACING your problems WILL SOLVE your problems.

When you face problems...

You need to find the root cause of the problem...

Then, you must act to make the situation better.

Unless you do that…

You will keep running round and round in circles…

And be at the same place where you started.

You will achieve nothing.

Life will keep giving you fresh problems one after another.

Don’t be an escapist.

Face your problems…

No matter how big or small.

It's the only way to freedom and happiness.

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