March 07, 2020 2 min read



It's nearly a Law. Like Gravity.

There are exceptions however...

Here's how it works:

Winners DOMINATE Losers

Legends DOMINATE Winners

“Losers”: Irrelevant...not even worth discussing or thinking about their mentality.

These people are miserable.

They add little to no value.

Take zero personal responsibility for anything.

They definition irrelevant.

Like they never existed.

“Winners”: Do what they have to do to win...but nothing else...winning gets them the house, the car, a life they enjoy.. They are never really fulfilled because once they have what everyone else thinks “success” is they lose their edge, get too comfortable & get beat.

The cycle repeats itself over & over the course of their life.

These people are never truly aware of why they keep getting handed these huge losses, and they don't have much regret at the end of their lives because they aren’t aware of why it keeps happening.

“That's Life” is their mentality.

Nobody really remembers these people.

“Legends”: Do what they have to do to be the best there ever was.

If it's eat dog shit...they eat it. Dump trucks full of it. And ask for more.

They might enjoy nice a “nice life” but they are only truly lit up by the mission...and being the best there ever was at that mission.

Most of the time they fail at that, and end up with some regrets...but because they understand they are different and wouldn’t be satisfied with a normal life...they accept it.

EVERYONE remembers these people and the interactions they had with them.


I know who I am at the core and who I'm working harder to be more of.

Which one are you working to be?


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