Break The Mold

March 06, 2020 1 min read



Such a weird concept if you really think about it.

The idea of “molds” has ruined so many lives and suppressed so much creativity, potential & beauty in this world.

We spend our entire lives trying to fit into certain molds designed by society.

Most of us live like there is a manual for living life that says if you like certain can't like other things.

If you are of a certain color skin, age, gender you belong in “this line” over here, and expected to think “this way” and live this sort of we are cattle waiting for the slaughter...and in a lot of ways some of us are.

Think of all the labels there are, and how hard people try to fit into those labels.

You can be this...but you can't be that.

You can be that...but you can't be this.

You should be wearing this.

You should be thinking that.

You should be living “this” way.


Are you being YOU?

Do you even know who YOU are?

Do you even know what you love in life?

Do you even know what impact you want to make?

Are you even aware of the impact you could make?

What are people going to say about you at your funeral?

Or are you too busy spending your life being who you are "supposed to be" to even notice?


You design it.

You build it.

You live in it.

...and you’ll die in make sure it's something that is worthwhile to you.


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