Doing This One Thing Can Change Your Entire Life...

February 27, 2020 2 min read


I am a college drop out.

Most people don't realize that.

We started our business 20 years ago when I was 19.

I left school when we were 5 years into our business with one semester left until graduation...because honestly I got tired of listening to lectures about being successful in business and then watching "the experts" drive away in hunks of shit.

Does that mean I am against education?

Absolutely not.

Many professions require it.

Instead of formal education, I chose to educate myself.

I estimate in the last 16 years I've read somewhere around 500-515 books cover to cover.

Now ... this college dropout has 4-5 PhDs working for him at any given time depending on the project.

I worked extremely hard, but I also put a lot of ACTIVE time, and still do, into personal development through the habit of reading.

Just reading 10 pages a day can change your entire life.

I'm not talking about "50 shades of bullshit" either.

I'm talking about know...the practical kind...written by people who have actually done the things you wish to do.

In my mind, there are three ways to learn business:

Through your own lessons (average people call these failures...successful people call them lessons)

By listening AND PAYING CAREFUL ATTENTION to those who have been successful

…or reading books

Reading is the only one you can make a personal/regular commitment to...and if you don' will be passed by people who do.

So don't bitch when you find yourself sitting on a bar stool at 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon wondering why you couldn't get anywhere, because you chose to play Call of Duty instead of investing in your future.

Success in life is about making a commitment to always improving and realizing there is always more to learn and improvement to be made, no matter how good you think you are.

Anyway, there is a point to this: Get a fucking book. Start reading it and drop some knowledge on yourself....when you're another...and another. Your future bank account will thank you!


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