CEO: A Position or Disposition?

February 26, 2020 2 min read


Today it's easier than ever for someone to go file an LLC, go to Kinkos and make some business cards with “CEO” on them, throw “CEO” in your IG bio and call yourself a “CEO”.

Yeah, that’s the typical policy these days on Instagram.

Here’s the thing...

You don’t become a CEO when you fill out the legal work to start a business and hire employees to run it.

You don’t become a CEO when somebody gives you an office on the top floor & hangs a gold placard on your door, or even when you earn a 7-figure salary with fat benefits.

You become a CEO the moment you form the mind & character of one.

You become a CEO when you think and act like one.

The moment you:

Go all-in on your work ethic

Take personal responsibility

Maximize your own gifts & talents

Creatively leverage your lack of resources

Pay laser-precise attention to detail

Solve problems no matter the cost

Adapt to your circumstances

Take control of your situation

Hold the people around you to the highest standards

Call them to greatness

Lead by example



And transform any adversity into an asset.

If that’s not how you operate, it doesn’t matter what’s printed on your business card, or where you park your car.

You’re not a CEO.  Not worthy of the title, anyway.

But, if what I just mentioned is true of you – not perfectly, but persistently – then you ARE a CEO.

Whether you’re:

A businessman

A plumber

A teacher

A student

A mom

A pastor

A podcast host


You’re a CEO.


It's not a position…


And the disposition comes before “the position”.

And the disposition is more important – FAR more important – than the position.


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