Develop This Habit Now

April 28, 2024 1 min read

Of any habit you can develop to become successful in business and life...

Reading is one of the most important.

I know that for an absolute fact.

Had I never built the habit of picking up a book...


Absorbing the lessons...

...and applying those lessons moving forward...

I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today.

Nowhere close.

I'm not talking about reading the same shit everybody else does.

I'm talking about non-fiction, development-focused books.

Books that broaden your perspective.

Books that help you build new skills.

Books that give you valuable insights you wouldn't otherwise have.

Books that hand off the lessons and experiences from people who are much further ahead in their journey than you are.

If you can commit yourself to reading 10 pages a day...

Which is the same rule I implemented for myself over 20 years ago...

There will be no limit to your growth.

Some books have given me lessons that have saved me from making mistakes that could have cost me everything.

Other books have helped give me a much more clear direction and purpose in business and life.

But no matter how many books I've read up to this point...

Not a single one of them has been a waste of time...

Even when there's only been one lesson, skill, or concept that I could walk away with.

Develop this habit now.

...and always remember...

You can read every book that's ever been written.

If you don't apply the information you get from them...

You'd be better off not reading at all.

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