Build Your Foundation

June 02, 2021 1 min read

Andy walking onto a jet

We've all seen the Instagram post that says “The average millionaire has 7 streams of income.”

But don't let this confuse you...

NONE of them start this way...

That’s internet meme bullshit.

You have to establish yourself in your primary business first.

Then you can branch out and start putting money and effort into other ventures to create additional "streams of income.”

If you do not build the skills necessary to become great in your current business...

You will not have the ability or capacity to make money across multiple businesses.

You won't have the resources...

You won't have the financial means...

You won't have the knowledge...

You won't have the experience...

So what makes you think you'll be able to stretch your effort and attention across 7 different companies from the beginning?

This 100% guarantees your failure.

Focus on building your foundation...

Get extremely good at it…

Only then will you have the means to build wealth in other places.

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