Get Crystal Clear On Your Goals

December 07, 2022 2 min read

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One of the biggest reasons why most people never reach their biggest goals in life is because they aren't specific with what they truly want.

They'll say shit like, "My goal is to run my own business."

Or ... "My goal is to get in good shape."

...and while these are great goals to have...

By being vague and not establishing the specific details behind what they want to accomplish...

They set themselves up for failure.

Because setting vague goals is really just a lack of true intention ... and an easy way for these people to let themselves off the hook when they fall short or make no progress.

It's weak as fuck.

The motherfuckers who actually go out and accomplish their goals are extremely specific about what they're working toward.

They understand that if they don't set crystal clear goals...

They can't measure their progress toward the goal.

...and if they can't measure their progress...

They'll never reach their goals.

Instead of setting a goal to "run your own business"...

You have to be very clear about every single aspect of the business you want to own and operate.

What type of business?

Who does it serve?

What’s your purpose?

How many people do you employ?

What will the day to day operations look like?

How big will your business become?

What kind of impact do you want your business to make?

...and that's just to name a few of the details.

You have to paint a highly detailed picture of the goals you want to accomplish and the life you want to live.

It's the only way you'll ever be able to reach your goals.

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