The Fine Line of Being Happy, Yet Still Wanting More...

March 31, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking to Ed Mylett in a warehouse

When successful people say things like...

“I want to accomplish more in my life.”

Average-minded people see them as unhappy & ungrateful...even greedy.

But it’s actually the complete opposite.

The people who have truly worked hard to achieve what they have are the most grateful people you will ever meet.

There’s a very thin line between not being happy with what you have…

...and being happy, yet still wanting more.

I'm here to tell you right now: 

It's ok to want more out of life…

...and you can still be extremely grateful for all that you have.

My great friend Ed Mylett calls it Blissful Dissatisfaction...and I love that term because that’s exactly what it is.

You can always improve. 

You can always contribute more. 

You can always do more good with more resources. 

So be happy...

...but know there is a lot of work to be done.

The better you can understand and adopt this mindset for yourself…

The happier & more successful you'll become.

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