Are Your Beliefs Really Your Beliefs?

August 23, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking

One of the many things that makes America such an amazing country is our freedom to have different viewpoints and opinions.

This is ultimately what drives forward progress and growth in society.

Whether it's how to run your business...

How you raise your kids...

Your political views...

Your religious beliefs...

Or anything else...

You need to make sure that these beliefs come from your own observations, ideas, and conclusions driven from fact, logic, and deductive reasoning.

Far too many people adopt their thoughts and opinions from other people without any real consideration if the information they're getting is accurate or derived from a place of genuine intent.

They’re too quick to trust and accept any information that they come in contact with.

…and they’re also too quick to reject any information that challenges their current views and beliefs.

Put yourself in the middle.

Learn to draw your own conclusions by carefully evaluating all of the facts…

...and ask yourself this question:

"Are my beliefs really MY beliefs?"

It's your obligation to become a powerful individual by developing and standing firm in your own beliefs.

Just make sure they are truly YOUR beliefs...

Because standing for something you don't understand is no different than standing for nothing at all.

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