Investments Vs Sacrifices

August 26, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking

When you are on the path to success…

Understand that when you skip the weekends at the lake…

The nights out with friends…

Or the vacation…

You're not sacrificing anything.

You're making an investment in your future.

A lot of you make things much harder on yourselves than you need to be by talking about how much you have to sacrifice … as if it's a painful thing.

But when you're getting something in return for what you're giving up, it's not a sacrifice, it's an investment…

Your hard work just hasn’t paid off yet.

The things you're trading away now are going to help you create a better life...

Better relationships...

…and make more money.

So quit thinking of what you’re passing up as sacrifices…

…and start thinking of them as investments.

This little language trick will make a huge impact on your overall happiness along your journey.

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