Being "Lucky" Has Nothing to Do With It

August 22, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking to a crowd

The same person you think is "lucky" for living in the house you want...

Driving the car you want to drive...

Running the business you want to run...

And living the life you want to live...

Is the same person that at some point … couldn't pay their bills.

Is this person really lucky?

What about the time they got evicted from their house?

What about the 15 years they spent making less money than you to pursue their dream?

What about the times their family and friends laughed at them and called them a loser?

What about the nights they spent working until 2am?

What about the weekends and holidays they missed investing in their goals?

What about the 470 times a month they thought about quitting because the fight was too hard?

Do you think where they are now is a result of their unbelievable luck?

Or are you hiding behind "luck" to validate your shortcomings?

Or using "luck" as a justification to sit on your hands your entire life?

Think about that the next time you call someone “lucky”.

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