This Bad Habit Will Keep You from Greatness…

September 27, 2021 1 min read

Andy walking off of a plane

Do you know what the “Bystander Effect” is?

It's the psychological theory that people are less likely to help someone in need or fix a problem when other people are present.

Most people live their lives as bystanders.

They see a problem and think...

"I don't need to do this because someone else will take care of it."

That's why most people never make any progress in life.

They walk over pieces of trash they see on the ground...

They skip out on the extra tasks at their job…

They leave piss droplets on the toilet seat for someone else to take care of...

All because it's "not their responsibility."

Successful people address these situations differently...

They see them as opportunities to build discipline and make themselves more valuable.

Ask yourself...

Are you living your life as a bystander...

Or are you seizing every opportunity you come across?

Only losers pawn responsibility onto others.

Winners accept responsibility for everything to build their skillset.

Once you learn to correct this habit...

You'll be shocked at how quickly your life will start to turn around.

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