Are You Consistent?

May 14, 2024 1 min read


If you pay close attention...

You'll recognize that there are very few people in society who actually struggle with being consistent.

They consistently skip their workouts.

They consistently eat shitty foods.

They consistently go out on the weekends.

They consistently cut corners.

They consistently execute at a low standard.

They consistently do the bare minimum in their career.

...and they consistently lose.

So the argument that consistency is somehow the key to success is flat-out inaccurate.

Consistency alone is not what creates success.

It's consistency in the actions required to make progress.

You can be as consistent as you want.

You can even go your entire life without missing the mark once.

But if you aren't executing and staying consistent with the habits that will actually help you reach your goals...

How consistent you are is completely irrelevant.

In fact, consistency won't be working for you...

It will be working against you.

Consider what it is that you're looking to accomplish...

Reverse-engineer these goals into the daily actions and habits required to reach them...

Then go out and execute on them with consistency.

Consistency in anything else will get you absolutely nowhere.

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