Are You a Winner or a Loser?

January 20, 2021 1 min read

Andy working out in a gym

How worried are you about what other people are doing in their lives?

How much energy do you spend judging other people?

How much time do you spend criticizing the actions of other people?

Do you enjoy gossiping about others?

How about this…

How about you spend your time thinking about YOUR own shit?

How about you focus on improving YOURSELF?

How about you learn how to WIN THE DAY every single day?

Just think how much better your life would be…

If you take the time and energy you spend watching other people…

And judging other people…

And criticizing other people…

And gossiping about other people…

And put all of that time and energy into improving your own shit.

Not only will your life improve drastically…

But you will also have more peace in your mind.

On the other hand…

Let “them” think about watching and judging and criticizing other people…

While YOU focus on YOU.

If you keep doing that day in and day out…

You will widen the gap between YOU and EVERYBODY ELSE.

Winners DO shit.

Losers TALK shit.

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