Act With Urgency at All Times

July 16, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking to a group

All highly successful people operate with urgency in everything they do.

This is a huge part of what makes them so successful.

Instead of kicking the can down the road … or waiting until the last minute to do things...

They address every task, project, and relationship with urgency.


Most people spend too much of their time procrastinating on the things they know they need to do.

Then, as soon as their inaction catches up to them and shit hits the fan...

They start acting with urgency...

They start taking action...

They start doing what they can to revive the situation...

But it's too late.

The opportunity has already come and gone.

These people operate with selective urgency.

...and because they pick and choose what's important to them in the moment...

They never break free from the cycle of mediocrity.

My advice for you is simple:

Act with urgency at all times...

Not just when you "feel like it."

It’s not for everyone…

…but neither is performing at a high level.

It’s your choice.

I know what I choose.

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