Act in Spite of Fear

September 27, 2022 1 min read

Andy walking

99.99% of the things you're afraid of are due to a lack of information and experience.

I bet you can recall a time when you were fearful of something until you actually tried it.

A lot of people are terrified to fly in an airplane for the first time...

I was.

But what happens immediately after they land?

That fear goes away.

This goes for nearly anything and everything you set out to do.

If you truly want to eliminate these doubts and fears immediately...

Educate yourself.

Train yourself.

Keep yourself informed.

Keep working and learning.

Part of gaining control over your fears is about gathering information and taking action in spite of fear.

Your life will never be completely absent of fear…

But the longer you let it influence your actions and decisions...

The less time you'll have to build the life you want.

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