Keep Your Chainsaw Away From the Dirt

January 30, 2021 1 min read

Andy using a chainsaw

If you’ve ever used a chainsaw...

You likely know that the second the chain touches dirt...

It goes dull.

Once that happens ... it doesn't matter how hard you press on the wood...

Or how fast you rev the engine...

You can't cut anything.

Your only option is to stop and replace the chain...

Which takes a lot of time & energy away from the job at hand.

The dull chain represents those times when you get sucked into worthless conversations with negative people.




Those people never get anywhere, and it only takes a small interaction with them to dull you, and stop you in your tracks.

Avoid these people.

You have an obligation to yourself, and those who depend on you, to stay focused and productive in your life...

Not to the negative losers who distract you with meaningless bullshit.

Keep your chain out of the dirt.

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