Otis and Charley's Power List Bundle

The Power List is a tool created by Andy that thousands of people have used to create powerful momentum in their lives and will set you up for long term success.

Now, the child in your life can build those same positive habits & set themselves up for success with the Otis and Charley Power List Bundle!

This bundle includes:

Otis and Charley's Power List for Kids:
Your children can now start developing incredible momentum in their life & set themselves up for success at an early age with this 60 day Kids Power List.

Otis and Charley Pencil Set:
With these 8 vibrant & bold colored pencils, your kids can let their imagination run wild whether it's for art class ... or even starting to draw out what their future business will look like.

Carrying Pouch:
Convenient pencil carrying pouch that will follow your kids everywhere they go!