Whether I’m building a 9-figure business or just playing a hand of poker …

When I was a kid, I was fat and lazy and unfocused.

Like so many people, I didn’t come from a perfect family. Far from it in fact.

Be aggressive. That was his point.

I learned how to harness & focus my aggressive energy into productive energy that benefited me.

I’ve always been a “car guy,” so it’s been a thrill for me to indulge that passion.

All of that is cool, super cool, but achieving all that all by the age of 35 leaves a lot of life to live.

Making a REAL IMPACT...and seeing it happen before your eyes...that’s what I love.

I firmly believe that no matter who you are, how intelligent you are, how talented you are, no matter what skills you lack, how good looking or ugly you happen to be...you can be successful in business and become extremely wealthy.