Your Success Requires Time and Tenacity

In this episode, Andy is joined by co-host Vaughn Kohler and new co-host Ben Newman.  In this wide ranging conversation, the main topic is "your success requires time and tenacity."

How to Persevere in Business and Life

Knowing how to persevere is a huge part of success.  Andy says, “Don't fall for the get rich quick schemes and don't sweat the days you struggle.  In this episode, Andy Frisella tells you how to press on, power through, and overcome anything in business and life.  He is joined by co-host Vaughn Kohler and author, speaker and performance coach Ben Newman.

Introducing Ben Newman

Ben Newman is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and highly regarded Performance Coach whose clients include top companies around the world, business executives, high performing sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA and NCAA. Ben’s book, “Own Your Success” was ranked by CEO READ as their #13 business book of 2012! In addition in 2012, The Napoleon Hill Foundation recognized Ben as one of the TOP 51 speakers & thought leaders in the World!

Ben’s renowned Boot Camp’s, speaking, books, blogs and videos empower and inspire thousands of individuals each year to maximize results in their lives personally and professionally. Participants are able to uncover their true potential, ready to create the life they are meant to fight for and enjoy. Ready to take on THEIR relentless pursuit of greatness: Their Prizefighter Day!

The Biggest Mistake Young Entrepreneurs Make

In answer to the question, “What’s the biggest mistake young entrepreneurs make,” Andy answers:  “Falling for the get rich quick scheme.  In order to succeed in business and life, we have to know how to persevere.  And we can only persevere if we understand that success--real success--doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time.

How to Power Through Struggle

Everybody experiences struggle.  Everybody.  According to Andy, those who overcome adversity and succeed understand certain things.  1.  Success takes time.  You have to power through adversity and not skip from one business idea to the next.  2.  Everybody has shitty days.  Your feelings don’t matter.  Successful people “do it anyway.”  3.  Like Andy has said before, you must learn to see the good in the bad stuff that happens to you.  Ben Newman calls it “reframing” - the power to see things from a different perspective.  Andy, Vaughn, and Ben cover these points and more.

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