October 08, 2015 3 min read

Episode Summary

So, you have excuses for why you fail to accomplish anything in business or life? Andy Frisella says, "To hell with your excuses."  There is nothing--not one thing--that can keep you from success.  Vaughn Kohler joins him in the studio.

Episode Soundbytes

Society is Geared Toward Creating Worker Bees

"Society is geared towards creating worker bees. They make people think that if they don't get fucking A’s in school, they're not going to be successful. I'm not saying you should blow off your studies. If you're going to school to be a fucking neurosurgeon, it's probably pretty important that you get A’s. It depends on what you're going to school for.  If you're going to school to be an entrepreneur and listen to somebody about entrepreneurship that had never owned a fucking business, who's the dummy? You're going to learn far more by going out, and opening a business—doesn’t matter if it's a Popsicle stand, lemonade stand, door-to-door sales, or multilevel marketing."

"It Must Be Nice"

"I pull up at the gas station in my Lamborghini, or my Rolls Royce, and people sigh, "Must be nice."  Sure, motherfucker.  "It must be nice?"  No, working my ass off for almost seventeen years without a paycheck?  That wasn't nice.  You forgot about that!"

Choose To See The Potential

"You could either choose to look at your situation as an obstacle, and claim you don’t have this or that, or you could look at yourself and say, "Wow, I've got the potential to create a fucking awesome story that inspires millions of people about my success.”

It's a Time of Opportunity

"There's never been more opportunity than there is today to start a business from nothing."

No One Cares About Your Disadvantage

"You could tell me you're missing an arm, you're missing a leg, you didn't have the financial resources, people didn’t believe in you, you didn't have backing, you didn't have whatever. I don't fucking care what it was, but your story is going to be developed by overcoming whatever that obstacle is."

Parents Say Stupid Shit

"Kids nowadays grow up with their parents telling them they did a good job when they fucking lost. No, you didn't do a good job when you fucking lost. Here's what you need to do to win, and that's that."

Everyone Can Improve

"Every single fucking person can greatly improve where they are from where they want to be. You could make that fucking journey, or just sit there and cry and make excuses about your childhood."

Most People Are Blessed

"Most people are so blessed with so much good, and opportunity to do good that they take it for granted. They're fucking healthy, they're of average fucking intelligence, they were raised in a decent home. They have all these things, and they take them for granted."

You Can Even Make French Fries Better

"Even if you work at fucking McDonald's, you can make your fucking French fries better. You can make the burgers better. You could take pride in what you do at that fucking job, and increase your position in that job, and eventually end up owning a McDonald's fucking franchise."

Any Excuse Is Bullshit

Any excuse that you want to give is bullshit. I don't care what it is. I just don't. Your story is either, "I have all these hardships so I couldn't make it." Or it's, “I have all these hardship and, I still fucking made it."

Will Your Life Matter?

"When you're dead, is your life going to actually fucking matter? If you depend on your excuses, you sure as fuck aren't going to matter. You're not going to make a dent in this world."

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