Authenticity:  The Business of Being Yourself

Authenticity is essential for success and happiness.  Whether it's business or life, people are drawn to what's real.  In this episode, Andy Frisella explains the benefits of being yourself and tells you how to become cool with who you are.

You Can Do Anything You Want To.  Except...

According to Andy, you can be anything you want to.  Seriously.  All unicorns, rainbows, and bullshit aside, he believes that every has the potential to accomplish amazingly impossible goals.  But there's one thing you can't ever do.  You can't ever be Andy Frisella.  But guess what?  He can't be you, either.  If you won't be you, if you fail at being yourself, nobody can do it for you.

A Rant About Being Real

Andy gets off on a little tangent, but it's still essential for the topic.  According to the MFCEO, we've lost the ability to laugh at ourselves in America.  Political correctness has taken over.  It's difficult being yourself because, if you are, you might offend someone.  Calling on Dave Chappelle to "come out of retirement and save us," Andy longs for the day when "we can laugh at each other again.  All of us are Americans.  How the hell did we let the wilting flowers and the overly sensitive idiots taken over our country?"

Tip #1:  Live with a Clean Conscience

Andy says that the first step to being yourself, to being okay with who you are, is to live with a clean conscience.  Be a good person.  Do the right thing.  Don't dick people around.  Treat them right.  If you have nothing to hide, you'll be proud of who you are.

Tip #2:  Make mistakes right--and move on

Andy says that it is inevitable that you are going to make mistakes.  So what?  Everybody does.  But the way to be different is to take responsibility for those mistakes.  "Own your shit," Andy says.  Do everything you can to make the wrongs you commit right.  No excuses.  According to Vaughn Kohler, Andy's co-host, it's extremely important to use active language when  you apologize.  Don't say, "It is unfortunate that bad decisions were made."  That's passive.  That's not taking responsibility.  Instead, say "I was wrong.  I screwed up."  When we make our mistakes right, we have integrity--and it's easier to be proud of who we are.

Tip #3:  Identify core values--and live by them

According to Andy, core values help guide you when you have decisions to make or go off track.  When you articulate them, you have a better sense of who you are and what you stand for--personally and professionally.  These are extremely helpful in helping you be yourself.  They also preserve the identity and mission of your business.

Tip #4:  Listen to your base

Using Harley Davidson as an example, Andy explains that you have to be the kind of person--and company--who makes decisions based on the people who are really invested in you, who are your biggest support.  You can't please everyone, so why try?  Being directed by consensus is worthless.  You should listen to the people who are most passionate about you and what you represent.


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