Podcast Overview

Sixteen years ago, Andy Frisella, “The MFCEO,” and his business partner, Chris, started a company called Supplement Superstores with $12,000 they earned from striping the stripes on parking lots and now do annually over $100 million a year in business.  He started this podcast basically for three reasons.

  •      To mentor people who don't have mentors
  •      To motivate people in a real authentic way
  •      Because he has a passion for motivating and helping people

Andy’s main motivation here is to help people realize what it takes to A) be successful. B) stay self motivated and C) hopefully for people to give back to others as well.

Episode Introduction

Good sales skills aren't just for sales people.  They are essential for success in life.  In this episode, Andy delivers straightforward advice on developing a sales strategy and being successful in sales, from starting with a good product to keeping the main thing front and center:  helping people.

Start with a Good Product or Service

Developing a sales strategy begins with a good product or service.  If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything.  If you’re product is shit or the service you offer doesn’t really provide value, how in the world will you be enthusiastic about selling?  You can only fake it for so long.

Make People Feel Good About Their Decisions

Rookie salespeople often make the mistake of saying, “Oh you bought product?  It’s terrible.  Let me tell you why you should be my product.  That’s a terrible sales strategy.  You are basically insulting someone and telling them they are an idiot.  Instead, you should affirm their decision, tell them the good things about the product they bought or the service they used. THEN you should tell them why yours is better.

Sales is About Solving Problems

Sales is all about solving people’s problems.  If your product or service doesn’t do that, why the fuck are you trying to sell it?  If you are developing a sales strategy and it doesn’t include this component, your sales strategy sucks.

Sales is About Helping People

It’s basic shit: Don’t try to sell people shit.  Try to help them.  Genuinely care.

Don't Sell People Shit They Don't Need

Using the example of people who come into one of his Supplement Superstores, Andy explains that you should never sell people shit they don’t need.  If you offer them a product that they either can’t really use well or doesn’t provide value, that will eventually backfire on you.  Don’t think of it in terms of making a one-time, big-time sale.  Think of it as making a long-term loyal customer who can trust you

Q & A with Andy

In this episode, answers two questions:  1) As your business gets bigger, how do you get to the point where you can give up some of your control and delegate to others and 2) How do you produce good social media content that provides value and delivered in your authentic voice?

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