January 12, 2016 3 min read

Already failing your New Year's goals? Don't sweat it. Take the sheet of paper with your old goals, wipe your ass with it, and flush it down the toilet. The MFCEO is going to help you set bigger, better goals. The kind that people laugh at.

If Your Goals Don’t Demand That You Raise Your Level of Greatness, They Aren’t Big Enough

Remember that you are the measure of your own success. If a goal is hard for someone else, but easy for you, your goal sucks. Your goal should require you up your game, develop as a person, push your limits. Ultimately, that’s what the purpose of every goal is – for you to develop as a person.  The ultimate goal of every one of your goals is for you to be fucking great!  So if a goal doesn’t demand that of you, why set that goal?

Surpassing Your Goals? If Nobody Is Laughing At You, Your Goals Aren’t Big Enough

Here’s the reality: Sharks are drawn to blood so they can eat. Losers and haters are drawn to greatness so they can mock it.  They have to. It makes them feel better about their miserable lives.  Are people laughing at you? Mocking you? That’s a pretty good sign you’ve chosen a great goal.

 Your Goals Should Be Stated Absolutely, Clearly, and Sharply

NOT THIS: “I’m going to try to be better at sales.”  That’s not an absolute statement. That’s a pussy statement.  That’s not clear, it’s vague. What does “be better” mean?  That’s not sharp. That’s too broad. “Sales” is a broad topic. Instead, make your goal something LIKE THIS: I WILL INCREASE MY SALES REVENUE BY 50 PERCENT BY AGGRESSIVELY CULTIVATING 10 NEW LEADS A WEEK. That’s absolute. You WILL do it.  That’s clear: I know my goal (increased sales revenue) and my process (cultivating more leads)  That’s sharp:   there’s a specific percentage. 50 percent.

State the Goal in a Way that Emphasizes the Process as Much as the Results.  

Goal setting is all about focusing on what YOU can control. What you can control is the PROCESS.  Sure, it’s possible that you can attack the process and still not achieve your goal. (For instance, you could make it your goal to gain 50 pounds of lean muscle mass, but then get hit by a car and have to recover in the hospital for six months. But we’re not talking about those kinds of scenarios For the most part, if you attack the process, you will achieve the goal. Period. You have to trust that.

Your Biggest Obstacles to Success are Your Own Excuses

This is the bottom line guys: You are the greatest threat to your success. Your excuses are the greatest obstacles to your achievement.  You have to win the battle of the mind.  When you encounter yourself making an excuse, you have to actively take control of your thought process and murder that fucking excuse.  Remember we talked about Autocorrecting your negativity?  It has to be done again and again, until it’s habit.

Final Thoughts

Here are some final thoughts:

  • The shittiest day in the struggle for success is better than the best day of not doing shit.
  • Your Emotions Are Irrelevant to Your Execution
  • It's Okay to Feel Good If You Killed It.  Winning is fucking awesome



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