How to Hold Meetings That Don't Suck

Meetings are an essential part of the life of any business, but contrary to popular belief, they don't have to suck.  From trimming the fat off your agenda to the difference between information and formation, Andy Frisella tells you how to get together and get things done. Joining Andy in the studio are Ben Newman, Vaughn Kohler, and Theresa Depasquale.

#1: Approach Meetings Like the Time Out In A Big Game

What does a coach do when he calls a time out in a big game?  He settles the players.  Makes adjustments.  Sets up the next play.  He only shares that information that is vital to the present moment! Too many bosses hold meetings that are too fucking long.  Boil it down to the basics.  Get to the point.  And move on.  If you know how to hold meetings right, you'll know that this shows your people that you value their time.

#2: The Point of Your Meeting Should Be Clear

If you aren't clear about the point of your meeting, your team is going to be confused and frustrated.  Be laser-precise in your point.  If you need to make more than one point, then keep it to a bare minimum.  Bottom line:  Your meeting should not have more points than a fucking box of pens!

#3: There is a Fine Line Between Healthy Discussion and a Clusterfuck

It's important to get feedback from your guys.  It's important to listen.  But group meetings are generally not the place.  You raise expectations in a bad way.  You lead your guys to think you are going to take their advice--and when you don't, they will get embarrassed and pissed. So minimize the group discussion in meetings.

#4: Information Is Not As Important As Formation

Don't treat your team like they are children or idiots.  Much of the time, they will know exactly what they need to know.  You don't need to go through a laundry list of things that they could read in an email or interoffice memo.  So don't focus on just sharing information in meetings.  Focus on formation.  Develop your team, your culture, your vision for your company.

Etc. and So Forth...

These are just a few of the points Andy makes in this very practical episode.  In addition, he says tips on

  • How to trim the fat off your agenda
  • How to come up with a good motivational talk for your team
  • How to share actionable tips for your staff
  • And more!

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