Your Struggles Are Gifts

December 23, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to friends

One of the biggest differences I've come to observe between the people who win in life and the people who don't comes down to how they perceive and react to struggle.

Most people view their struggles as a death sentence.

The minute they are met with hardship or adversity of any kind...

They hide in the corner...

Play the victim...

...and spend the rest of their life wallowing in self-pity.

Winners view their struggles much differently.

Instead of sitting on their hands and bitching about them...

They recognize that not only are these struggles unavoidable...

But they also present an incredible opportunity to develop the skills necessary to win long-term.

Life is hard as fuck for all of us.

That will never change.

Quit expecting it to change and start building yourself into someone who can overcome any struggle.

That's the game you have to play if you want to win.

It requires mental toughness.

It requires grit.

It requires resilience.

It requires fortitude.

...all of which can be built through the process of embracing and pushing through the struggles you encounter.

Your struggles are gifts...

But only if you treat them as such.

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