Your Worth Is Your Worth

March 12, 2020 2 min read


I see a lot of people out there dropping the phrase: “Know your worth” as if they are somehow being underpaid or under-appreciated or “too good” for their current position in life.

In this, is the issue.

This is gonna sting too...

You’re the one that’s delusional.

Not the world.

Your worth is your worth.

The world isn’t are.

Take a good, honest, humble, aware look in the mirror and see what the world sees.

If you are underpaid & under-appreciated, and you truly possess the skills to get what you think you deserve...then you are stupid for staying in the same situation.

But you’re not stupid are you?

You know the truth.

You know it's you.

So let's quit with this “Know your worth” bullshit, accept that you’ve made some shit decisions in the past, and start making good ones now.

That way your worth actually increases...

Mind blowing thought, I know...

You all are the same people celebrating the basic shit you’re supposed to do.

“I have a job”

“I show up on time”

"I don't leave early on Friday”

“I put in my 40 4 hours of OT”

“I pay my bills”

Good for you! Congratulations! You’re an adult!


You’re doing the bare minimum to be a functioning human. Which means “your worth” is at a bare minimum too!

When did this become a monumental victory?

Is this really worthy of bragging or celebrating or needing special recognition for?

If so, you have a loooong and very mediocre road ahead of you.

It's the YEARS of “extra” past the basics that creates greatness.

Don’t expect extradorinaiy results with ordinary effort.

And if you want to put in ordinary effort...that's completely each their own...but don't bitch, moan & cry about “what's fair” when you get a very ordinary life in return.

Your worth is your fucking worth.

Want more or better?


What you're getting is a mirror image of what you bring.

Now what?


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