Yesterday’s Wins Are Irrelevant

June 17, 2024 1 min read


Just because you won yesterday doesn't mean you're winning today.

Some people spend their entire lives fixated on their past wins only to be left in the dust by the people who are focusing on winning today.

Understand that winning has nothing to do with what you've done.

Winning has everything to do with what you're doing.

...and if you plan on continuing to win...

You have to keep showing up to compete.

Not just today.

Not just tomorrow.

Not just next week.

Not just next month.

Not just next year.

But every single day 'til the day you die.

This is the biggest difference between the people who win once and the people who continue to win over the course of life.

Winning is a commitment you make every single day.

It's the pursuit of your goals no matter what you've accomplished up to this point.

Don't let your foot off the gas.

You have a lot more winning to do.

I do too.

Start by winning today.

That's the only win that's relevant.

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